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About SmartMove

SmartMove manufactures simple plug-and-play modular plastic chain belt conveyors that can be quickly installed without technicians. Whether you need to assemble, inspect, package or test, SmartMove Conveyors will improve your productivity, save you energy and provide safe, reliable, long-life performance.

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  • Multi-Lane Conveyor with Kawasaki Robotics

    A "carousel-style" recirculating conveyor system allows product to change direction on the belt

  • Washdown Conveyor for Food Processing

    All stainless steel with water-tight and air-tight controls

  • Incline Conveyors Change Conveyor Line Height

    Z-Series conveyors feature a 60° incline

  • Integrate Manufacturing and Packaging

    Modular system allows for integrating manufacturing and packaging processes

  • Humpback Conveyor for Wave Solder Exit

    Available Gradient Cooler allows for increased airflow

Move 50 Pounds at 208 Feet per Minute

90° Turn Keeps Orientation at 208fpm

Product Upending on the Line

Short Line Conveyors

Long Line Conveyors

90° Turn Conveyors

Gate Conveyors

Multi-Level Conveyors

Multi-Lane Conveyors

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Modular Conveyors

SmartMove Conveyors makes all of its conveyors to customer specifications. Expanding an existing system is easy, simply add new components. No need for technicians or installers.

Portable Conveyors

Conveyors may be purchased with casters, allowing easy repositioning or moving of the conveyor. The high efficiency 25-Watt drive plugs in to a standard 120V wall outlet.

Safe Conveyors

SmartMove Conveyors protect operators from injury with unique snap-link belting that acts like a fuse to separate during overloads or jams.